Frequently asked questions about skiing and snowboarding with Winter Walden

A weekly email survey is sent out every Tuesday and your response is required by Thursday evening.  The survey will ask:

  • Will your child be skiing or snowboarding
  • What day or days will they be attending (Saturday/Sunday)
  • Will your child be bringing a guest

Your response is important; as it provides Winter Walden with the information needed for staffing and lift tickets.  If you miss the deadline and your child is planning on attending, please call us at 248.855.1075 or send the email survey to us by 9:30a Friday morning.  We will need to know which day(s) they are attending if they are skiing or snowboarding, and if they are bringing a guest.

Children may attend Saturday, Sunday, or both days on any given weekend and can choose between skiing or snowboarding.

Following Michigan COVID-19 guidelines and maintaining social distancing for your child, Winter Walden will not be using buses during the 2020/2021 ski and snowboard season.

Our weekend trips are held at Mt. Holly and Pine Knob.   Click here for our schedule, resort info, and directions.

All of our fees are outlined on the club structure | fees page of our website.  Complete the following forms to get started:

Step 1:) Complete membership application form (annual membership fee)

Step 2:) Complete the daily trip form (day trip fee: instructions and lift ticket)

Step 3:)  Do you need ski or snowboard equipment?  No worries, we have you covered.  To make it easier for you, you can complete the rental form and pre-pay for any upcoming weekend trip at Mt. Holly or Pine Knob.   It costs $30 to rent ski or snowboard equipment for the day at each resort.  You can also check out local snow retailers for additional options.

Winter Walden rolled out online payment options to minimize contact during COVID-19 (online payment options have been built into the forms).   Forms can also be completed and paid for  at the Winter Walden desk located with the resort facility


Fees vary at the local ski and snowboard stores.   Some local retail stores offer rental services and others do not.   Click here for more information on local retailer info.  Winter Walden does offer daily rental for skis and snowboards for Mt. Holly and Pine Knob for $30.00 per day. 

Equipment includes the following:  1) Ski rental – boots, ski’s, and poles, 2) Snowboard rental – boots and snowboard.  If you are planning on renting equipment for the season, a majority of local ski and snowboard retailers offer rental programs that are affordable and can be traded at the end of the season to ensure your child has equipment that matches their ability and size. 

Click here to complete the daily rental form or here for a list of local ski and snowboard retailers.

Recommended Arrival Times

  • 8:45a  If a student needs rental equipment and the rental equipment form was already completed and paid, go to the rental department.  If you have not completed the form or paid go to the Winter Walden desk found in the resort facility
  • 9:00a  Student arrives at the meeting area, dressed and ready to go
  • 3:30p  Pick up the student at the meeting area.  The instructor brings the class to the meeting area and reviews the lesson plan and notes with each student at the end of the day.

Winter Walden has a meeting area located on the snow near the parking lot.  The meeting area is marked with Winter Walden flags and is staffed to assist you in getting your children into the right area (equipment rental, class, and to be classified area). 

  • Mt. Holly: Winter Walden meeting area is next to the magic carpet/beginners area.  This area is to the right of the ski patrol building which is on the right side of the parking lot when facing the hill.
  • Pine Knob: Member area is next to the magic carpet/beginners area.  This area can be accessed from the parking lot between the Pine Knob main cafeteria and DTE VIP parking lot.


Yes.  If you tell Winter Walden that your child is attending and they do not show and we do not receive a phone or email notification 24 hours before the scheduled trip there is a $25 no show fee.  We ask that you call 248.855.1075 or email us at info@winterwalden.com to update us with your child’s status.

Yes.  It is mandatory that you sign your child and/or guest out at the Winter Walden desk prior to leaving early, so we can account for all of the children in our program for that day.

Pack lunches in a disposable bag (NO lunch boxes) and seal it in a Ziploc bag labeled with the child’s name OR send money ($10-15) with your child for them to buy lunch. 

We suggest not bringing extra items such as an extra pair of shoes, iPods, backpacks, toys, etc. as these items tend to get lost.

Yes.  It is Winter Walden’s policy that all children’s equipment and gear be labeled.  It is much easier for us to find misplaced equipment and gear and return to you when it is labeled.  Winter Walden does bring back lost equipment and gear back to our office.  If you are looking for something, please call us at 248.855.1075 or email us at info@winterwalden.com.

The American Teaching System (ATS) is used as the foundation of snow ski teaching in the United States.  ATS is a system that continuously evolves as new information becomes available.  ATS is student-centered, meaning the goals of the program are student-focused.

Snowboard Teaching System (STS) covers three concepts: riding, teaching, service.  The concepts are determined by board performance, movement, and the learning process.  STS is also a student-centered program.

A majority of our instructors have been certified by the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors Association) or the AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors) which is the largest organization in the world focused on teaching people how to ski and snowboard.  PSIA/AASI members identify fundamental skills of great skiing & riding and effective teaching.

PSIA-AASI members undergo rigorous training and curriculum to stay up to date with the latest and greatest skills and curriculum.  PSIA/AASI is the national governing body for ski and snowboarding instructors in the United States.

For more information on PSIA/AASI check out thesnowpros.org