Winter Walden members are held accountable for their own behavior, conducting themselves in a cooperative, sportsmanlike, and responsible manner. We expect our members to behave themselves on the hill and in the lodge. Cutting or pushing in line at the lifts or in the cafeteria is unacceptable. 

Members are expected to follow directions from their instructors on which hills and runs they may use according to their abilities.  It is your child’s responsibility to stay in control at all times so they are not a danger to themselves, or other skiers and riders. Children are expected to be on time for their lessons at the teaching station and to be ready at the end of the day when the call is made over the p.a. system.

Skier/Snowboarder Responsibility Code

Guests: Members may bring a guest on Saturday or Sunday.  

Guests are limited to attending 1x per season. 

Guests pay ONLY the daily rate for a single day visit and rental fees if they do not have ski or snowboard equipment. 

Rates can be found on the Club Structure | Fees page.  The guest’s parents will need to complete the Weekend Trip Reservation – Guests form.  This form includes an option to rent skis or snowboard equipment at Mt. Holly or Pine Knob, otherwise guest can bring their own equipment.

Beginning on December 8th, all Winter Walden members will be sent an email survey every Tuesday prior to Saturday or Sunday asking if your children will be attending and if they will be bringing a guest.  We ask that you respond no later than Thursday, even if your child is not attending that weekend as this information helps us plan for staffing and lift-tickets.   If there is a need for Winter Walden to cancel (typically weather-related) we will notify you by email, our website, and social media.

Fees:  Click here to see the fees with and without instruction

In the event a member is injured they will be taken to Ski Patrol.   Parents will be called immediately for their decision on medical treatment.  

If parents are not available, we will use our best judgment as to what course of action to pursue and will continue to attempt to contact the parents. If the accident is of a serious nature requiring x-rays or hospitalization, the Winter Walden Ski and Snowboard Club will not be held responsible for the medical costs incurred.

Winter Walden will be observing COVID-19 safety guidelines in accordance with the State of Michigan and the policies that Pine Knob and Mt Holly will be adhering to during the 2020-2021 season.   

As of December 3rd, Pine Knob and Mt. Holly are not allowing anyone to eat in the facility.  All guest can bring lunch or buy “carry-out” food from the cafeteria, however, will need to eat food outside on the deck.   Because of this, Winter Walden has decided to run a half-day program from 9a-1p  (current resort guidelines: cannot eat in the facility, short warm-up and/or bathroom breaks only) and we felt that it was not fair for the children or the instructors to be outside for the entire day, which is normally 9-3:30p, therefore lunch will not be part of the program this year.

COVID-19 Resources

Winter Walden members are required to have their patches sewn on their jackets.  These level patches identify each student’s respective skills to ensure that they are receiving the proper instruction for the day.  The Winter Walden (WW) membership patch is placed on the top of the left sleeve and the level patches follow in order below the WW patch.

    Ski and Snowboard levels  

Many students elect to sew on only the WW patch, and the highest level patch earned. Patches not sewn to the jacket can be easily lost or stolen which causes confusion and added expenses. Members new to Winter Walden who have skied/snowboarded before will go to the T.B.C. flag on their first day where they will be evaluated and placed in the appropriate level (they will receive the level patch at the end of the lesson day).

Ski and snowboard equipment can be rented at the local resorts we visit.  Seasonal rental is available at most local ski shops.  

If your child is renting equipment at the local resort,  please download and complete the daily rental form.   Many children do not know their height, weight, and shoe size, etc. Having this information filled out in advance will get them through the rental area much faster and into their classes sooner so they can maximize their fun “on the slopes”.

You can rent ski and snowboard equipment for $30 per day.  If you need to rent equipment, you can opt-in for this on the Weekend Trip Reservation – Members form  or the Weekend Trip Reservation – Guests form.  Please arrive 30 minutes early (8:30a) so you can get your equipment and children assigned to the appropriate Winter Walden class at 9a.

Seasonal Rental: Check out our list of Local Snow Retailers

If you pick up your child at the resort, you must first stop at the Winter Walden table inside the lodge to sign them out.  

No child is to leave the resort under any circumstances without first notifying a Winter Walden supervisor and signing them out.  This is done for the safety of your child.

It strongly recommended that all Winter Walden members have their equipment checked for safety prior to coming out. This check is for your protection, will save time, avoid confusion at the resort,  and save you money as the resorts charge to have equipment repaired.

A good safety check will consist of checking skis, snowboard, boots, bindings, and poles. This will ensure that boots are fitted correctly, skis, poles are in good condition.  Most importantly, bindings are adjusted for proper release in the event of a fall. We recommend doing this check before December so you don’t get caught up in holiday shoppers.

Green Club members (ages 6-10) are supervised all day.   Members who are experiencing problems can always find immediate assistance at the Winter Walden meeting area (look for the Winter Walden flags) or at the Winter Walden table in the lodge.