Welcome to the 2023/24 Season!

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Some Winter Walden members and guests have been experiencing issues when visiting winterwalden.com.  Issues range from being blocked from our site, receiving security warnings that winterwalden.com is not secure, or when you are completing a form, and/or entering your credit card on one of our forms.

After spending months tracking down the problem, it turned out that Comcast Xfinity security algorithms had blacklisted the winterwalden.com site.  After spending countless hours on the phone with Comcast we were able to find the correct department and have our site removed from the blacklist which resolved this issue for most people.

In some cases, some people are still having issues reaching our site.  If you are still having this issue, you will need to delete your browser cache and cookies files that are associated with your web browsers.  

Why do you need to clear your browser cache?

  • Prevents you from using old forms.
  • Protects your personal information.
  • Speeds up the performance of your computer.

When you visit a website, your browser stores:

  • Information (places you have visited)
  • Files used to run online applications.
  • Downloads (outdated versions of forms)

When you update an application, your browser may use an old file or form.  If you don’t clear your cache, you may see old forms and/or may have access problems or receive warnings and/or error messages.

How to clear your browser cache:

Internet Explorer:  1) Open Internet Explorer, 2) Select Tools (gear icon), point to Safety, then select Delete browsing history, 3) Choose all files or choose browsing history/cookies.

Edge:  1) Open Edge. 2) Select Settings (gear icon), Privacy, search, and services (lock icon), 3) Clear browsing data, select Choose what to clear (All files or choose browsing history, cookies, and other site data, and Cached images and files, 4) Select Clear Now.

Google Chrome: 1) Open Chrome, 2) Top right, select More (3 vertical dots), 3) Select More Tools and select clear browsing data, 4) At the top, choose time range and to delete everything, select All Time, 5) Next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files, check the boxes, and 6) Select Clear data.

Firefox:  1) Open Firefox, 2) Select the menu button (3 horizontal lines icon)  and select Options, 3) Select Privacy & Security panel, 4) Cookies and Site Data, select Clear Data, 5) Remove the checkmark in front of Cookies and Site Data, 6) With Cached Web Content check marked, select Clear.

Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod:  1) Open device, 2) Select Settings and Safari, 3) Select Clear History and Website Data, 4) To clear cookies and keep your history, select Settings and Safari/Advanced/Website Data/select Remove All Website Data

Safari from your desktop:

  • Check Parental Controls: if you’re logged into a user account that is restricted by Parental Controls or other web filtering software, some pages or page elements might not load if those sites are not allowed.


  • Check Safari Extensions: Some Safari extensions that block ads or other website content that can prevent some page elements from displaying. You can temporarily turn off extensions, then reload the page to see if this an issue. 1) Open Safari, 2) Select Preferences, 3) Select Extensions, 4) Deselect the checkbox “Enable…extension”.  Repeat this step for every extension that is currently installed and 5) Reload the page by selecting Choose View and select reload in Safari.


  • If Safari is not loading pages from a specific site: 1) Open Safari, 2) Select Preferences, 3) Select Privacy icon, 4) Select Details button, 5) Search for domain name winterwalden.com, 6) In the results list, select com, 7) Select Remove, 8) Select Done and close the preference window.

Keep in mind, each browser has multiple versions.  The steps above, are based on the latest and greatest browser versions, therefore, if the steps above do not match your browser version try the following: 

  • Click on whatismybrowser.com
  • Results will tell you what browser version you are on
  • Do a search on how to delete browser history and clear cache for the browser version you have and follow the instructions.
  • If you are using multiple browsers (Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc.) you will need to do the above step for each browser.

We apologize for this inconvenience and are confident the steps outlined above will resolve this issue.  Thank you in advance. 



The Winter Walden Team