About Us

Learning to ski or snowboard is an exciting adventure. One that combines the kind of emotional and physical experiences that promote balanced growth in children. Since 1975 the Winter Walden method has given young students a sense of accomplishment as they move through the various levels of the American Teaching System and the Snowboard Teaching System.

Children in the Winter Walden Ski and Snowboard Club are placed in small classes according to their ability, with a qualified instructor who is trained to show that skiing and snowboarding can be fun, regardless of the level. Students are evaluated in every class and advance to the next level as soon as they are ready. Learning to ski and snowboard with the Winter Walden method is “learning by doing.” The fundamentals of skiing and snowboarding are taught with many fun exercises and games on the snow, while never losing sight of the program’s main goal—helping young people to ski and snowboard well.

Learning the Winter Walden way is learning with a difference. Students receive more time on the slopes, more instruction time, and more time to enjoy the excitement that skiing and snowboarding can offer. All under expert guidance and supervision.